How to change

Here’s how you can change your subscription.

You can now change, upgrade, and downgrade your existing subscription in the Table22 Member Portal!

Within the Member Portal, select Manage for the respective subscription, and then select Edit on the upcoming order you would like to change. Select Change Your Selections to see available options to adjust your order.

If you would like to permanently change your membership and all upcoming orders, select “Future orders”.

Step 1: In the Member Portal, select your membership


Step 2: Select “Edit” at the bottom for your current or future order


Step 3: Choose what you would like to change

You can choose to change your selections or edit your fulfillment details


Step 4: Make the changes you would like to your order(s)

You can easily update your membership selection, add-on or how you would like to receive your items. You can make these changes to the current order up until the order change deadline (usually 4th business day of the month). And you can always make change to future orders!


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